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It's A Soul Thing (The Soulfather Tribute Compilation) [WZW-UTM-002]

It's A Soul Thing (The Soulfather Tribute Compilation) [WZW-UTM-002]

Digital Album compilation: "It's A Soul Thing" [WZW-UTM-002]


Through the love of House, WeZienWel and Curfew connected strongly. A connection that will continue, because it’s a family thing, a soul thing, a spiritual thing. As our dear friend, Soulfather Danny, has left us in an irrational way, we want to honour him and everything he did for us and nightlife in general. Therefore, WeZienWel Records is releasing a tribute album with several artists of the family that want to share a special message for Uncle Danny. This album is made with love, and for everyone to enjoy. That’s what Danny would have wished for.

The full digital album will be released at Bandcamp Friday 2nd of December. When you pre-order, you'll get access earlier. From Friday 25th of November on there will be a release each day of different compilation tracks. You'll be able to download and stream the creations day by day via


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